Exporting Comparison between H264 and Animate+

We use many different applications to create our animations, from Storyboard Pro and Photoshop to create visuals and concepts through to Adobe After effects, Anime studio, Apple Motion and Toon Boom Harmony to carry out the animations. Each bit of software brings it’s own unique set of tools, so we often dip in and out [...]

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50 Best Animated Movies of All Time

Here we have a fantastic infographic that we found on the video game designers website called GameDesigning.org that is packed with information about the very best animated movies of all time. View the top fifty animated films including the IMDB rating, Rotten Tomatoes rating, release date, movie studio and domestic gross revenue. We hope that [...]

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Which Outline is best ?

There's no right or wrong here, but how you decide to outline your artwork can have a dramatic effect on the final look and feel. If we take this character design below for example. The left hand side is outlined using a solid black key line whilst the right hand side is using darker colour tones [...]

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The Dark Crystal Teaser Trailer

Animators struggle on grabbing every spare second we can to progress our own ideas and feed that inner child. In those odd moments where we can work on our own projects, we have been working on a short animated teaser trailer based on the Dark Crystal movie. For those that have not heard of it, [...]

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Our E4 Esting Entry 2015 #EStings2015

We stumbled upon a fun little competition run by the guys at E4, to come up with a short 10 second sting. The successful entries get their work shown on TV, which is always a buzz and from our point of view hopefully raises a bit of promotion for our studio. The competition details can [...]

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Does Time Matter…

Within many industries there is often the agonising question of how much time you should put into a project. This is probably true of most service based businesses where you are effectively charging for your time. The real dilemma here is getting that balance between putting enough time in so that you are proud of [...]

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Explainer Videos don’t have to look stuffy!

We couldn't resist posting something about this fun little animation we did recently. It's always great when you are given the opportunity to be a bit more playful with the characters and style of animation, especially when doing business style explainer videos. Of course there's nothing wrong with the simplistic stylised 'vector' looking explainer videos, in [...]

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2.5D Parallax Slow Motion Wave Tutorial – Using Adobe After Effects

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8saTQkMVuo&feature=youtu.be Recently we were asked to produce a series of 2.5D Parallax slow motion videos, one of those videos was to create a slow motion animation of a breaking wave. For those not familiar with the fancy term '2.5D Parallax' this is where you take a still image or photograph and make it look like it is [...]

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The Art of Storyboards

A storyboard you could say is the foundation in which the building block of your animation are built. Approaching any animation project without a clearly defined path is to say the least reckless. With animation itself being massively time consuming and potentially complex any fundamental changes to the way a scene has to be delivered [...]

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Raindance Valentines Day Video Challenge

A little while ago, the guys and girls at Raindance Film Festival set a small challenge to create a short 16 second video with the theme “The Date”. It was around Valentines day, so maybe too obviously a romantic dinner date seemed to be  a fitting location. We were not given much time to plan, [...]

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