Explainer Videos don’t have to look stuffy!

We couldn't resist posting something about this fun little animation we did recently. It's always great when you are given the opportunity to be a bit more playful with the characters and style of animation, especially when doing business style explainer videos. Of course there's nothing wrong with the simplistic stylised 'vector' looking explainer videos, in [...]

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2.5D Parallax Slow Motion Wave Tutorial – Using Adobe After Effects

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8saTQkMVuo&feature=youtu.be Recently we were asked to produce a series of 2.5D Parallax slow motion videos, one of those videos was to create a slow motion animation of a breaking wave. For those not familiar with the fancy term '2.5D Parallax' this is where you take a still image or photograph and make it look like it is [...]

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The Art of Storyboards

A storyboard you could say is the foundation in which the building block of your animation are built. Approaching any animation project without a clearly defined path is to say the least reckless. With animation itself being massively time consuming and potentially complex any fundamental changes to the way a scene has to be delivered [...]

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