The Dark Crystal Teaser Trailer

Animators struggle on grabbing every spare second we can to progress our own ideas and feed that inner child.

In those odd moments where we can work on our own projects, we have been working on a short animated teaser trailer based on the Dark Crystal movie. For those that have not heard of it, chances are; you are younger than 25! As this was one of those classic films of the 80’s created by the wonderful minds of the Jim Henson company.

Some of the films original charm was that it was created using puppets, but I was more drawn to the stories and the ‘world’ and it’s characters than the specific style at that time.

It would be great to see a block buster remake using the latest CG skills,but this doesn’t look like it’s on the cards. So with that in mind we created this teaser. There are plenty of great characters and even a 2nd story that was never made into a feature film, so I will hold out hope for a remake or new film at some point in the future.

For more information check out our Dark Crystal Showcase page that goes into more detail about the production process.

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