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The origins of our awesome animation studio

Behold, the Founder!

Drawmill Animation Studio was conceived by Jason Venus, a long term artist with over 30 experience working in the digital and creative sectors. What once was as a long term hobby eventually turned into a fully fledged business, creating silly cartoons for anyone silly enough to pay.

Having grown up on films like Star Wars and The Dark Crystal and even those questionable anime style cartoons like Thundercats! Jason’s approach to animation typically offers a fun blend of humour and detailed artwork with an obvious addiction to all things Star Wars.

The journey so far.

Drawmill Animation produces funky, fun and exciting cartoon animations for TV, YouTube Channels, agencies and individuals. Along with our own in-house productions when we get the time!

We use our unique blend of traditional hand drawn animation, 2D production friendly cut-out style animation, and of course, not forgetting our rather weird vivid imaginations! This enables us to deliver TV broadcast quality animation.

Our demo reel gives you a glimpse of some of the fun projects we have worked on.

Did we mention we do Explainer Videos and Whiteboard Animations?

We created the Yudle brand (a play on the words ‘you’ and ‘doodle’..get it?) to fulfil the increasing demand for commercially focused B2B and B2C animated explainer videosmarketing videos and whiteboard animations.

Yudle is able to draw upon our incredibly talented and experienced animators to produce highly creative and engaging explainer videos. Tasked with ensuring our creations hit those all important marketing message sweet spots, why not check out the fun stuff we are creating.