Animated Banner Ads

Animated banners for Google Display Network or your website? We got you covered.

Google Adwords Display Network

Google AdWords allows you to create banner advertising campaigns that are displayed next to Google search results and on websites that are part of Google's AdSense network. We can create visually stunning eye catching banner ads that help you stand out from the competition, and aid in getting more traffic to your website.

So What's involved?

Simply supply us with the message you wish to convey and your company brandings, colours and logo. We will then work with you to create some initial banner ideas. If you have budgetted for animated banners, then we set to work creating the animation. The final banners are supplied either as JPG or GIF images

Animated Banners for your Website

Especially useful if you run an online shop or website where you want to draw attention to specific pages, products or offers. When it comes to designing banners for your website, we have more flexiblity on sizing, as every website is different. So we can custom make banners to your requirements. The main consideration is to keep file sizes down so not to reduce your page load speeds.

Banner Ad Specifications

For static banners, these tend to be JPG or PNG images. For Animated GIF Banners, we aim to keep them below 150kb or smaller with an animation length no more than 30 seconds total. Which can be shorter and looped, but the animations must end at 30 seconds. HTML5 Banners are lighter weight but more time consuming to create, so ideal for those with larger budgets.

Looking for a Creative Banner Ad Solution?

Let's chat over a coffee, we don't bite and would love the chance to show you what we can.