The Art of Storyboards

A storyboard you could say is the foundation in which the building block of your animation are built.

Approaching any animation project without a clearly defined path is to say the least reckless. With animation itself being massively time consuming and potentially complex any fundamental changes to the way a scene has to be delivered is best dealt with at the storyboard stage.

Storyboarding is nothing new, it has been around since the 1930’s, widely used by Walt Disney Studios, with the first recorded complete storyboard created in 1933 for the ‘Three Little Pigs’ Disney short film.

Back then drawings would have been placed onto individual cards and placed on large walls, so that during brain storming sessions the cards could be moved around and altered to perfect the story being told. Whilst this is still a method that can be used even today, within our studio we opt for a more digital workflow which allows us to collaborate and work faster.

ToonBoom’s amazing software ‘Storyboard Pro’ has gone a long way into revolutionising how storyboards can be created and managed. We use it religiously in our workflow and has become an essential tool in our animating process.

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