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AT-AT / R2-D2 Love

A fun little animation where two very unlikely characters fall in love, R2D2 and an AT-AT meet on a beautiful sunset on Tatooine. We added a a crashed star destroyer into the landscape as a slight nod to the planet of Jakku and the Force Awakens.


As with most of our animations, we love to add those finishing touches in the post production stage. The image shown here is a great example that shows the before and after changes. During this process we often change colour tones, contrast, add lighting effects and sometimes subtle camera movements.

AT-AT Before
AT-AT After


We used a total of 5 different applications, from photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony, Apple Motion and  Adobe After Effects with the final video editing done in Final Cut. The music was created by Darren Venus and works really well to set the tone. Whilst this is only a short animation, we were really pleased with the atmosphere it creates and was a fun little piece to work on.