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Comic Book Parallax Animation


Our client approached us wanting a video to warn people about the dangers inside operating theatres. With a script in hand they wanted the Drawmill team to come up with a concept for the video. Originally the idea was to produce a video using live footage, however we wanted to go down a different path and offered up the idea of a comic book style that would be far more engaging and unique. Luckily the client accepted and allowed us to exert our creativity on this fun project.

To the right are some of our concept drawings of an operating theatre, pulled together from various photos of actual ORs, surgeons and staff, trying to keep true to the environment.

Boba Fett Concept Art - Boba Flying
Boba Fett Concept Art - Boba Sketch
Boba Fett Concept Art


Storyboarding is generally one of the first things we create. It helps us quickly sketch our the ideas we have whizzing around our heads.

The storyboard process is absolutely key to showing our client the ideas we have, and the approach we want to take. This is the perfect stage to swap ideas, tweak and change parts as needed to give the client the ideal start to the animation.


We produced a quick animatic from the storyboard to give the client a good indication of the flow and pace of the animation.

Animatics really help our clients visualise our approach, and if necessary giving them the ability to tweak the animation early before we delve into the main animation.


The fun part of the job for our resident post production guru. The examples below are showing off the before and after shots of two scenes from the animation, which includes colour correction, lighting effects, and dept of field to name a few.

As you can see, it clearly shows the dramatic different to post production effects can have on the animation.

Scene 1 Before
Scene 1 After
Scene 2 Before
Scene 2 After


We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, working with an animation style we’ve wanted to do for a while now. We put all this together with the use of 5 different applications, Adobe Photoshop, Anime Studio Pro, Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects, with the final video editing and sound effects done in Final Cut Pro.

See below for the final render of this great animation.