Animation, illustration & graphic artist in Somerset.

Providing illustration, art, video, motion graphic creative services for companies, brands and individuals around the world.

Drawmill prides itself on being a great communicator, with the creative process being collaborative.

You will be involved every step of the way to ensure the end results exceeds your expectations.

With an initial consultation to understand the scope of work, provide rough concepts and visuals to establish an art style, then carry this through to either storyboards and video, or final high quality digital art for print and web.

The right creative solution for you…



All artwork produced is created digitally and supplied in HD quality as SVG, PNG or JPG.

Graphic Design

Highly creative approach to content creation for social marketing, websites and print.


Animated content for simple animated banners through to complex explainer videos.

Digital Art

Digital artwork for print or web, created using either Adobe Photoshop bitmap or Adobe Illustrator Vector art.

Video Editing

Take your existing video content, intermix this with animation, motion graphics and text, edit, time and sync with audio as required.

Digital art & illustration company

Whether you are looking for book illustrations, artwork for your social media posts or creative for your website, Drawmill can create something stunning.

Drawmill works in various digital software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, procreate and more. Drawmill can adapt style and creativity to suit your budget and requirements.

Drawmill provides initial rough concepts to establish an agreed art style and supply all artwork in either SVG, PNG or JPG high resolution files.

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Graphic design & content creator

Producing simple yet highly creative artwork to be used within your social marketing content and print.

If you want an eye catching Instagram post or a short looping video or animated banner for twitter or Facebook, then Drawmill has you covered. Simply tell Drawmill the message you wish to convey.

Drawmill aim to create content and artwork in a quick and productive manner to ensure the costs for production are kept low, this enables you to make better use of more regular creative content, rather than investing in one large production.

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Amazon KDP self publishing

Self-publishing has opened up unprecedented opportunities for writers to bring their literary works to a global audience. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a key player in this revolution, allowing authors to publish digital and print books easily.

However, amidst the excitement of sharing your story, the importance of formatting your book properly often gets underestimated. Choosing the right company to help format your book for KDP is an important decision.

Explainer video company

Drawmill will produce simple very short animations, ideal for social media marketing and website use.

Or produce more complex and involved explainer videos that get your message across, explain a complex tax or educate your audience.

Drawmill works with you to understand the points you wish to convey, agree an art style, produce visual storyboards to approve how the video will flow.

Then produce a high quality HD quality video for you to use as you wish.

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Whiteboard video company

Drawmill can produce the highest quality Whiteboard Videos and Explainer Videos, with unique hand drawn art, completely bespoke to your requirements.

If you are looking for that something special to stand out from the crowd, Drawmill has the solution for you. Every video Drawmill approaches with an open mind on style and creativity.

Whiteboard videos are a great way of getting your message across without the production costs of more involved explainer video animations.

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Storyboard artist

Taking a script or a basic idea and bringing this to life takes a great deal of planning and experience.

The early discussions on the approach a video should take, the style of artwork and pace of the video, all play their part.

Drawmill can carry out visual storyboards for your project, whether this is for live action or animation, and supply as a professionally formatted PDF file.

Visual storyboards are a key component on ensuring the video production runs smoothly.

Quality artwork & illustration

All artwork Drawmill produces is created digitally and supplied in HD quality as SVG, PNG or JPG.

Professional voice over

Drawmill have an extensive library or professional voice artist to use in video productions.


Storyboard & Scripts

Drawmill creates visual storyboards and feedback from the script you supply.


Music & SFX

Drawmill has access to an extensive library of backing music and special effects to add more life to your video.

Working to deadlines

Drawmill works hard to ensure any agreed deadlines are met and expectations exceeded.