Digital Artist in Somerset

The Digital Art I create tends to be more for my own pleasure than at the request of a client. And I guess there is a fine line between what is classed as Digital Art and what is classed as Digital illustration.

When it comes to my Digital Art, I study a lot of other artists to draw inspiration. I have never really settled on my own style of art, although I do favour more cartoon style of imagery.

With my Digital Art I often try to emulate the Disney style as this seems to be a more recognisable style, but I have found my self more and more learning towards a more sketch, children book art style – but then this seems to fall more into the ‘illustration category.

Digital Art is purely a simple image created for no reason other than to look pretty, dramatic, thought provoking or simply just pretty.

Digital Illustrations tend to be created for a more specific purpose of explaining something or accompanying other information. I guess this is why a lot of children book artist class what they draw as illustrations rather than digital art.

Many artists and illustrators still work with good old pen and paper, but personally I can not remember the last time I drew properly with ‘real world’ materials. I have always favoured Digital, as this seems more natural for me for some reason.

So, if you are looking for a Digital Artist based in Somerset who works for clients across the Uk and the world, then send me an email. As I am always happy to talk things through.

Although I am a Digital Artist in Somerset, I also provided services for; Digital Artist Bristol, Digital Artist Exeter, Digital Artist Dorset, Digital Artist Devon.