Doodle whiteboard video for SSDC

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The early part of this year has had us working on some very exciting animated video projects.

One animated video project we just recently completed was for the South Somerset District Council to celebrate the past 40+ years ahead of the merger into one council body in April 2023.

The initial planning meeting for the video started with a 15 minute long powerpoint presentation document that we needed to interpret down into a more engaging and fun 4 to 5 minute animated video.

We worked closely with the SSDC team, and re-worked the script to create the basis of an entertaining 5 minute script. We wanted the video to be fun and visually engaging so opted for a whiteboard doodle style animated video, using our software.

This involved a lot of art-working, in fact there were about 23 scenes in total that needed to be sketched out, designed and made into final vector art ready for animation.

What was really exciting about this video project was being able to utilise our sister company animation software that has been developed. This allowed us to create doodle style animations quickly and easily and produce a great video ahead of schedule.

The full video is below for your enjoyment.

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