Explainer Video company based in Somerset, UK working for cleints around the world.

So you require an explainer video but are not sure what the first steps are? Or perhaps you have a script ready to go and just need someone to implement this? 

There are many different ways I can help and advise, depending on what stage of production you are at, here are some helpful guides.

It’s my first explainer video and I’m not sure what to do next.

If this sounds like you then read on.

If you are struggling with how to create a script and how best to approach an explainer video, I can help.

Working with you, I can help to establish a script, this involves looking at any website content and printed material you may have and help structure a script that best suits your needs.

As part of this I can help to establish the key points the explainer video needs to make and make sure the explainer videos naturally flows to ensure you keep your audience engaged.

Once a script has be fleshed out, I will create a visual storyboard and create an art style for your video, so you know exactly the direction things are heading before we commit to animation.

I am to make the production process as smooth as possible, and as transparent as I can. Creating an explainer video is a collaborative process, so I welcome feedback throughout.

I have a script ready to go, and just need someone to implement this.

If this sounds like you, then great – here’s how I can help.

Creating a script can be a time consuming process, so if you have got this far already, then it’s Clea you know what you want to say. I will always provide feedback on the script If I feel it will benefit how the explainer video is structured.

In the first instance, I would produce a visual storyboard and establish the art style for your explainer video. Once this has been approved the animation process can be started.

An explainer video can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the artwork and animation. In some cases I may recommend up to 6 weeks, especially if there are multiple stake-holders involved to make decisions, as this can inevitably hold up production.

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