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Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night Safety Message


This fun little animation about Guy Fawkes we set as one of our weekly challenges, where we give ourselves a task to complete within 1 week. Now typically thees weekly challenges often turn out to be just bi-weekly or monthly, but non-the-less we keep trying. We find it’s a great way to push ourselves to work efficiently but still produce something of a high quality.

Guy Fawkes Animation
Background Art
Boba Fett Concept Art


An important part of the animation process is the final post production where we give everything a final check. During this stage we would often make changes to colour saturation and add lighting effects and other special effects where needed.

This stage defines how the final rendered video will look, and a good example of this you can see in the two sample scenes below where you can see the differences between the original animation and final rendered version.

Boba Fett Reveal Before
Boba Fett Reveal After