Illustrator in Somerset


Illustrator Somerset

Throughout my working life I have been based in Somerset, mostly around the Yeovil area. As an illustrator in Somerset, animator and digital artist I have had the pleasure of working for many local Somerset businesses and individuals. But also have been fortunate enough to work with larger organisations which has often taken me travelling further afield.

Looking for an illustrator in Somerset ?

I have over 30 years experience working as an illustrator in Somerset. I work digitally, which means everything I do is created via a computer. I use various devices but typically I use a Wacom Cinitiq 24 inch display or an iPad Pro for my work. I can vary my art style to suit any given project, which makes me very versatile.

Along with my years of experience as an animator, I understand the importance of visual story telling. It also means I am able to take a project through from concepts to storyboarding, final art working and animation.

As an illustrator in Somerset, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by inspiring country views. The office from my house looks up at Ham Hill country park, which is a beautiful place to walk the dogs and enjoy some fresh air. Working for local Somerset businesses and individuals is always a pleasure.

My work often takes me to further afield into places Like London, which I love to visit, but openly admit nothing beets travelling back to Somerset where I feel I have more space to brave.

If you are looking for an illustrator in Somerset or a Digital artist, animator or storyboard artist, get in touch to discuss what I can do for you. Whether you require artwork for a publication; a childrens book, website or blog. I’m sure we can create great things together.

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