Your local artist in Somerset

I have lived in Somerset all my life, if you are looking for a local Somerset artist or illustrator we can meet for a coffee and a chat, it’s simple.

And if you’re not in Somerset – no problem! I work for clients across the UK and around the world – it’s a digital world so we can meet via the communication method of your choosing.

Introduction to being a local artist in Somerset:

My name is Jason Venus, a local artist who has lived in Somerset all my life. My working life has largely revolved around creative services in Somerset. With my first work placement as a commercial photographer for a Yeovil based photography studio.

After several years honing my skills in photography, learning about lightening and composition, I went it alone and started my first art studios called Venus Studios.

I have been drawing and doodling since an early age, and always knew ai wanted a career in the creative industry. Venus Studios was a Yeovil based creative studio, continuing with my photography but also providing illustration and design services.

With the birth of the internet, I moved into Web design and digital art and was a co- founder of Sitemakers Ltd which remained my main focus for over 20 years.

Throughout this journey I was always feeding my creativity. I love working digitally and much prefer this now over traditional art. I love being able to undo mistakes and I love the speed of workflow.

Looking for a local artist in Somerset?

Many of my clients are based in Somerset, so as a local artist in Somerset I have enjoyed working for many businesses and individuals.

Somerset is a beautiful place to live, the commute to work is either across my landing to my home studio or a short motorbike ride into my office at the Yeovil Innovation Centre.

As a local artist in Somerset, I provide a personal approach to art and illustration services.

Often clients such as yourself require art and illustrations for a specific project, whether this is a children’s book, business literature or web and social marketing.

With many years experience and a level headed commercial approach, I tend to approach early discussions in a very open and collaborative way. I want to understand your objectives so I can best provide my expertise. As a local artist in Somerset it is not unreasonable to meet in person or virtually via computer.

Somerset Artists

More recently I am making more effort to get involved with the local art community, Schools and Colleges. I have worked with local councils to produce creative illustrations and animations.

I believe this is an amazing pool of creative individuals, writing Children’s books and wanting to tap into local artists in Somerset. Hopefully you have discovered my website and are looking for a local artist in Somerset to help you with your project.

And hopefully you like what you see, so take the next step and get in touch. I don’t bite and I love to discuss new creative projects. Thank you for your time, your local artist in Somerset – Jason Venus.