My very own animation app – scribbleo


For the past 2 years, alongside the work I do within Drawmill, I have been developing a doodle animation app called Scribbleo.

It has a unique approach to mixing doodle style animations ( hand drawing in lines) with motion animation, such as rotation, move, scale and transparency.

Combining these 2 styles opens up all new ways to animate and I’m really excited that we are close to a finished product.

We ares till in Prototype stage, although scribbleo is available to download and use for free, so feel free to check it out here.

I have also just setup a Patreon page and looking for people who want to support my next challenges which is creating a comprehensive library of illustrations that can be used and animated within scribbleo.

This video helps explain what I am trying to achieve…

With the right support, I can carry on creating doodles for the library, these are then available for free for anyone who wants to use them within their animation created by scribbleo.

You can see my Patreon page here, and look forward to having you along on my journey.

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