Creating NFT art

Although many don’t realise it yet, blockchain technology and the decentralisation of data is the future, it’s inescapable.

The scalability and benefits far outweigh any other solution and it is opening up new and exciting ways to manage digital assets.

‘Non-Fungible Tokens’ or NFT’s as they are commonly referred to, are a unique unit of data stored in a digital ledger and amongst other things lend themselves beautifully to works of art, photography, video, audio and other types of digital files. The main benefit being that each NFT is verified by the blockchain as being unique, and therefore ownership of an NFT is easy to verify.

But you probably know all this, which is why you are here!

I am currently working on distributing my own NFT works of art making them available via websites such as Opensea, Rarible and SuperRare.

In addition I am also keen to take on commission work and exciting new NFT projects for people such as yourself who may be looking to create NFT’s

For further reading check out my blog, which will be following my own NFT art, progress or simply get in touch to talk through your ideas