Our Yudle Division

At the outset we wanted our core business model as Drawmill Animation to focus on high-end, top quality 2D animations aimed at the likes of TV broadcasters, storytellers, creative agencies and media organisations. We remain true to this goal and continue to build new relationships and stretch our creative legs with an exciting mixed bag of projects.

This said, it became quickly apparent there was a growing demand for more corporate, B2B and B2C infographic explainer style 2D animations. This was an interesting growth area for us as it was not our original plan to offer this type of service and we certainly didn’t want to confuse or muddy the waters with the current services that we offer.

We made the decision to create a sub-brand which would provide a service more focused around Explainer style videos. We allocated a dedicated member of our team who has an extensive online marketing background who is tasked with ensuring the videos hit those all important marketing messages.

We called this new offering ‘Yudle’, which was a play on the words and sounds of ‘You’ ‘Doodle’ and ‘Yodel’. Well it made sense to us at the time! although admiteldy we had been drinking a lot of coffee. This division has it’s own fun little website and would encourage you to go and check it out: www.yudle.co.uk

Time will tell whether we created unnecessary confusion or ensured a smoother way of working with our clients in different sectors. Either way we would hope our experience and creativity shine through no matter what the project.

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