Examples of the types of video styles and their respective budgets.

Pleaes note, this is just a guide but hopefully helps to establish a direction.

Whiteboard videos- Guide of approx £1000 per minute

This tends to cover simple black line artwork with small elements of colour. Although often I will sneak in a little bity of ‘secondary’ animation if I feel it helps.

Whiteboard intermixed with motion and colour – Guide £1500 per minute

Allows for more creative approach with elements of the scene not only being drawn in but also animating within their own right, eg: Hand moving duster, signs popping up on the map. The example above you will see there are subtle ‘seconday’ animations dotted throughout the video that add an extra little ‘sparkle’ to the video.

Motion graphic animation – Guide price £2000 per minute

This is the starting to move to animate most things in any way required to make visual impact. So ‘things’ can slide in, animate, build, grow, shrink and build to create interesting scenes and help tell the story. The more ‘animated’ and the more elements there are to animate this will inevitably increases costs.

Motion graphic and character animation – £3000 per minute

The ‘art style’ of the video can be pretty much anything with a more character based element. Sometimes the characters can be kept quite static so just pointing or standing and blinking, so this helps keep production costs down. But as soon as you start talking about character movement like walking this can increase complexity and therefore costs.