Scribbleo Doodle Animation Software.


2022 was a busy year, not only have I been working hard for clients across the globe, creating digital content. But along with a colleague, we have been developing some exciting animation software called scribbleo.

More information can be found on the website we setup for scribbleo, and I’m really excited about what this has to offer.

Scribbleo animation software was developed because I became very frustrated with software I was using within my animation pipeline. I found myself using multiple animation software to create the desired effect I was looking for. So using these frustrations and experiences we were able to create the key functionality for our animation software.

Scribbleo combines doodle whiteboard style animations with motion graphic animation. Put simply this allows a user to draw in SVG vector art, but then animate this further using position, scale, transparency animation tools. 

What is totally unique to scribbleo is that it is the ONLY doodle animation software that makes use of keyframe animation. Ti=his means you have a timeline editor that allows you to control multiple keyframes and points of animation. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and makes animating easier and more powerful.

There is lots more I could go into, and we have great plans for 2023 in terms developing it further, so please check out our website and if you are using a Windows PC, go ahead download it and try it.

My very own animation app – scribbleo

My very own animation app – scribbleo

For the past 2 years, alongside the work I do within Drawmill, I have been developing a doodle animation app called Scribbleo. It has a unique approach to mixing doodle style animations ( hand drawing in lines) with motion animation, such as rotation, move, scale and...

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