Social Media & Digital Content for Marketing


Our daily lives are unavoidably consumed by social media. We wake up and chances are within minutes we are checking our phones. Whether this is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, in one way or another we are drawn to social media.

This is nothing new, and social media is just an accepted part of a businesses digital marketing strategy.

Here at Drawmill, we have been creating digital content for many years. Our work is highly creative, engaging and eye catching. 

A Social Media Company in Somerset

If you are looking for a Somerset based social media company, whilst we do not actively carry out your social media posts. I can be involved in creating engaging social media content for you. 

I can help creative engaging and fun creative digital social media content, that you can then use within your Digital content marketing strategy.

From simple animated Gif’s, or working with software such as Canvas, to help you move away form the same content that others are producing and create a more bespoke digital content marketing campaign.

I can help create short animated videos for us on Instagram or Facebook.

Digital Content Marketing Company

You may be looking for a digital content marketing company in Somerset, and we can certainly help you get started.

With any digital content marketing campaign you will need to develop the campaign around engaging imagery. Whether this is high quality digital illustrations or short animated videos.

I can help create high quality, engaging digital content for your marketing.

Digital content marketing campaigns can be approached with just a single image to promote a specific product or service, or I can work with you to create a series of engaging digital content, with a mixture of animation, video, imagery. 

This ensure your digital content marketing looks fresh and inviting to the users.

So if you are looking for a Social media company in SOmerset, or a Digital Content marketing company who can create high quality engaging content then give me a call.

The Art of creating animated videos

The Art of creating animated videos

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Charles Dickens Museum, London Fog.

Charles Dickens Museum, London Fog.

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Animated Training Videos

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