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Our short guide to the animation process

Where do we begin…

Whilst the animation process tends to follow a similar structure, the starting point is not always so defined. Sometimes we get involved at the very early stage, with a seed of any idea and we help develop this into a formalised script. Alternatively we can work on specific parts of a larger project whether this be a single scene or a complete episode.

The fun stuff! Visual concepts.

Here we are able to use those vivid minds here at Drawmill to come up with fantastic visuals to suit you and your demographic. Beautiful visuals are key to an engaging video and it is our aim to do just that!

I already know what I want…

No problem! We can work with any supplied visuals to recreate your true vision. Whether it is to match your existing branding or you’ve seen something that has inspired you, we can cater for all.


Ironing out those finer details at the Storyboard stage is crucial. It not only allows us to keep projects on schedule and on budget, but lets us create an animation that’ll captivate your audience.

How does the storyboard process work?

We take the completed script and break it down to the key moments of the animation. Our storyboard artist will then sketch out a series of panels to those moments to give you rough visual guide of what to expect.

This provides key benefits by helping you imagine how your animation will play out and also provides you with a good opportunity to implement any major changes before we move onto the more costly and timely process of animation.

The animatic.

An animatic is effectively an animated storyboard, where we take the still images from the storyboard and time these to either music or audio.

Using an animatic really helps to get a good feel for the timing and pace of the animation, and can often highlight areas that need more work before committing to the next stage of animation.

Once the storyboard and animatic are approved we can jump to the next phase.

Animation time!

Now onto the serious stuff where we lock ourselves into a darkened room within easy reach of a coffee machine, and let the magic happen!

Relying on the approved storyboard and artwork references, we set to work. The animation style, number of assets, characters and scene along with the level of complexity, all play their part in how much work is required and how long this stage can take.

We aim to keep you regularly updated on the progress and if required ‘work in progress’ videos will be shown.

Post production – editing & sound effects.

With the core animation out of the way the team can now focus on carefully editing your animation, while inserting subtle yet effective sound FX and music, giving your animation the gloss it thoroughly deserves!

We’ll then present to you our first cut of the animation, giving you the opportunity to make subtle tweaks to timing and sounds before we release the final video into the wild.

*POLITE WARNING* Any major changes to the animation at this stage could be costly. Ensure you are perfectly satisfied during the storyboarding and animatic phase to reduce the risk of running up costs.

Wohoo! Job Done!