Raindance Valentines Day Video Challenge

A little while ago, the guys and girls at Raindance Film Festival set a small challenge to create a short 16 second video with the theme “The Date”. It was around Valentines day, so maybe too obviously a romantic dinner date seemed to be  a fitting location. We were not given much time to plan, so after a very short brainstorming session we came up with this fun little scene.

Now it’s not likely to win any awards for originality but we still enjoyed fitting this in around our paying work, hopefully raises a smile at the very least.

I think with any project approached in such a rushed manor, you can always look back and wish you did things better or planned just that little bit more. With most projects the planning stage is crucial. It is not uncommon for us to spend weeks sketching out characters and concepts, reworking storyboards and scripts to fine tune things to such a level that when we come to the animation stage we have a very clear path to follow.

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