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The Dark Crystal


The Dark Crystal had to be amongst one of the most iconic films of the late 70’s with the imagery and imagination of the characters and story inspiring many, including Jason. Much of it’s appeal admittedly is the fact that it uses puppets which certainly adds to its original charm.

With no news on a re-make or a sequel we took upon ourselves to create a ‘teaser’ trailer hopefully showing some of the potential this story has as a 2D animation.

Dark Crystal Concepts
Boba Fett Concept Art - Boba Sketch
Boba Fett Concept Art


It’s almost as if we can’t help ourselves when it comes to post production. Every colour has to be tweaked, lighting and special effects just have to be added. But when you see the end results compared to how our original artwork looked, we just know it was all worth it.

Dark Crystal Before
Dark Crystal After
Crystal Room Before
Crystal Room After


This project took around 100+ man hours, using a total of 5 different applications, from photoshop, Toon Boom Harmony, Apple Motion and  Adobe After Effects with the final video editing done in Final Cut.