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Motion Graphic Explainer Video

Motion graphic explainer videos tend to be far more colourful and visually more creative. Unlike whiteboard videos which tend to look a bit rougher, which is fine as the hand drawing style tends to lean towards this asa style. With motion graphic explainer videos there really is no limit to the how the artwork can look.

Typically within he concept stage an arts style is established, this can be simple, clean through to highly detailed artwork with textures and many moving parts. Motion graphic explainer videos, because of the many ways it can be approached tend to vary in costs quite a bit. For example a simple explainer video with only a few assets, or animated parts can look visually stunning but be reasonably cheap to produce as time is not being spent on art or animation. Taking this to another extreme, if there are many many assets that need to be created, and each has many moving parts, this can be hugely time consuming and leas to an expensive explainer video.

So usually within the early concept stage we ensure that the budge for the explain video meets expectations in terms of what can be visually done and animated within the budget. There are so many subtle things that can change the cost and work involved, this is why an early consultations to discuss expectation is so important, and also why we tend not to publish prices, as every explainer is very different.

Especially as we do not use clip art, this is something of a sensitive subject, that whilst there is nothing wrong with using clip art. We tend to never use stock imagery, we prefer to create our own and make sure that every video we create is totally unique to the client. We feel this helps the video stand out form the crowd, plus ensures we don’t cut any corners in terms of quality and making sure the explainer video fits the brand, is consistent and engages with the audience.

For examples of motion graphic explainer videos we have created, visit our dedicated explainer video page.

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