Whiteboard Video Company based in Somerset, UK.

A Whiteboard Video Company.

I am a Somerset based Whiteboard video company producing high quality whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard videos are an excellent way of keeping your audience engaged. The user watches the artist draw out illustrations, this in itself tends to keep the audience engaged as they want to see what is being drawn.

So it acts like a ‘reveal’, almost like ‘guess what I’m drawing’. This keeps the viewer engaged, which is why whiteboard videos have become very popular as a cost effective way of making videos.

Whiteboard videos also tend to be cheaper than explainer videos, this is due to less work being involved in the animation process.

Software is used like scribbleo.com which takes a vector SVG art and automatically animates this to make it look like someone is drawing out the lines. 

Using software like like scibbleo.com means that you don’t see the mistakes just the finished work, unlike if you attempted to film yourself drawing out something, you will inevitably make a mistake. And you certainly wouldn’t want your viewers to see this.

So using whiteboard video software like scribbleo.com is definitely the way to go.

The artwork and illustrations used are also important, as you want these to look professional. Quite often there are very cheap whiteboard video solutions from places such as Fiverr. But these tend to use the same artwork as everyone else and look very cheap.

They look cheap as sometimes they are, as little as $10 for a video! Which is insane, but you get what you pay for.

Which is why whiteboard videos I produce are all drawn by me, so you know the artwork is unique for your video and the quality of the end results is far superior to what others produce.

Our whiteboard video services cover:

  • Whiteboard video company Bristol
  • Whiteboard video company Taunton
  • Whiteboard video company Somerset
  • Whiteboard video company Dorset
  • Whiteboard video company Exeter
  • Whiteboard video company UK

To view example of my whiteboard videos click here.